A Commitment To Stand Out

The DAI founding principal is to act in the client’s best interest. We believe advisors affiliated with DAI—and in turn their clients—benefit from our commitment to true independent advice and exceptional service. As an advisor-owned firm, we understand the needs of both clients and advisors. The management team has 150 years of collective experience in wealth management, due diligence, compliance and alternative investments.

Products and Services

  • Traditional Investments
  • Non-Traditional Investments
  • Asset Management
  • Multigenerational Wealth Planning
  • Family Office

True Independence

As an independent broker-dealer, we believe we can be true fiduciaries for our advisors and their clients. For us, true independence means that we can choose what to focus on and not be encumbered by corporate goals and profit motives that may be misaligned with client interests. As a result, we can provide unbiased advice—putting your clients’ needs before our own.

Due Diligence

Our investment committee utilizes a selective screening process that allows us to provide a best in class investment platform without the conflicts of interest of a traditional broker-dealer.

Guidance and Support

DAI advisors have readily available access to our network of industry and sector experts as well as to DAI’s senior leadership that have spent their careers accumulating vital knowledge and valuable experience.

From the start of your transition to DAI to bringing on your first new business and then maintaining your ongoing client relationships, we believe that together we can do it better. Our team is dedicated to comprehensively supporting our advisors with transitioning tools and ongoing front/back office tactics, technology and marketing opportunities to help their individual businesses continue to thrive and grow.