comes with DISCIPLINE


You have worked hard to grow your business and build lasting, meaningful client relationships. It’s time to reward yourself and join an independent investment group that will work beside you and believes that strength comes with discipline—not only for you but for your clients. Through access to our leadership and support network, you will receive expert guidance, leading technology plus effective compliance and marketing. Our independence allows you to provide unbiased advice—putting your clients’ needs before our own. It’s a freedom that will bring you a unique experience and your client’s trust.

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Your Partner in Compliance

Compliance is a critical component for both DAI and the advisor. We engage with you in an ongoing approach to this area of your business. Our goal is to set you up with a roadmap to running your business in a compliant fashion from day one. With ongoing and interactive education throughout the year, our team of compliance professionals is here to support you as your practice evolves.

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The technology resources used within DAI’s integrated system vary among vendors and levels of sophistication. You have the ability to choose the tools that best fit your practice and support your client experience in a way that is most efficient and effective for you.

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Together we succeed

DAI provides a collaborative, supportive network of leaders, sector experts and administrators to help you build your business. From the start of your transition to DAI to bringing on your first new business and then maintaining your ongoing client relationships, we believe that together we can do it better.

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An Objective, Unbiased Approach

Through true independence, we believe we can be true fiduciaries for our advisors and their clients. For us, true independence means that we can choose what to focus on and not be encumbered by corporate goals and profit motives that may be misaligned with client interests. As a result, we can provide unbiased advice—putting your clients’ needs before our own.

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